what´s real?  ;-)
     First of all REAL is a compression format for audio and video to "stream" media data. Therefor REAL offers different qualities of compression for different transfer speeds. The lower the speed (i.e. 28.800 modem) the lower the quality - and vice versa: 28.800 modem audio mono: 5 khz, isdn audio mono: 11khz (which is pretty ok).

what is streaming?
     Streaming means that you do not have to download media data before listening/viewing. The best example is REAL radio. You click the link, the player will be launched and you can listen REALtime (read Einstein´s special theory on relativity about the relativity of time - in fact ... there is no "real" time   ;-)))   ). 
     There is another way of streaming: You can stream pre-recorded media data. Can be audio - can be video. There is a slider in the player that allows you to go to any position inside this media file. It takes a few seconds until enough data is buffered, but then the file will be transmitted from this position. This could be a live concert which is 60 minutes long. You can go to "30" and you will see/hear it from that point. 
     Players and encoders can be downloaded at REAL.com. Make sure you  download the free stuff.

can I stream? well ... don´t know  ;-)
     Sure u can. But you need a server that provides streaming and this is  quite expensive. 

don´t cry ... do this:
     You can do some "semi-streaming" using normal http servers:
Create a REAL file. Upload and test it. Create a textfile that only contains the REAL file´s url, such as http://www. blurp.zack/blurpzackers/test.rm and save this textfile not as .txt but as .ram (test.ram). Upload and test it.
     Clicking the .rm file will start downloading the file (the player will (re)play it when download is finished). Clicking the .ram link will launch the player that starts play(back) while "download" is in progress. There´s only one thing: You cannot use the slider to "switch" to another position. If you do so, you´ll have to wait until "download" has reached that position. 
     And ... you don´t have to use only one url in the .ram file. The .ram file may contain several urls. Each url must be in a new line. The player will tell you how many songs are in this "playlist". You cannot swich between them but you can click "next" and "prev").
     Go to "my music" page to see what I mean.

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